What is the Best CPAP Mask for Me?

best cpap

With the amount of cases of sleep apnea increasing, the need for comfortable and effective CPAP masks also increase. Sleep apnea is a condition whereby a person often has difficulty breathing due to frequent breathing gaps throughout the nights. Due to this lack of breathing, sufferers of sleep apnea often experience light and restless sleep, irritability, decision making and motor skills difficulties throughout the day. If left untreated, sleep apnea could lead to high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes.

A CPAP machine allows a sleep apnea sufferer to have continuous and constant oxygen pressure throughout the night, this limits the breathing gaps and allows the person a better and more restful sleep. A CPAP machine has been proven to actually reduce and prevent sleep apnea episodes if used correctly and frequently for a period of time. But what CPAP machine is right for you?

Nasal CPAP Machine

A nasal CPAP machine is the most popular kind of CPAP machine as it covers the nose only and come in a variety of sizes. These machines work best for those who breathe through the nose only and creates a nice seal and cushion around your nose making it one of the most comfortable type of machines in the market. These types of machine provide a natural airflow as the oxygen pressure isn’t direct.

Nasal Pillows

Nasal pillows are CPAP Machines that fit directly into the nostrils. Nasal pillows are perfect for those who want a smaller CPAP machine that has less facial pressure. The smaller design allows people sleep more comfortably and have fewer interactions while as sleep, it also allows for a clear field of vision perfect for those who wear glasses and watch TV right before falling asleep. The design also greatly reduces the feeling of claustrophobia some patients experience, especially when CPAP machines are new to them.

Full Face CPAP Machine

Full face CPAP machines are designed for those who breathe through the nose and mouth. Those who suffer from dry mouth throughout the night will be greatly relieved when using a full-face CPAP machine. A full-face CPAP machine also helps deliver higher oxygen pressure making it ideal for those with more severe conditions.

When choosing a CPAP machine, it is best to consult with an experienced physician to understand the positives and negatives of each of the machines and understand how they may affect your sleep patterns. If you or a loved one has questions about a CPAP machine, sleep apnea, or would like to schedule a sleep study call Northwest Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine at 8154777350 today to schedule an appointment!

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