Start Your New Year With a Comprehensive Sleep Study

Looking forward to the new year and trying to find ways to make your life better? Have you ever considered starting off your new year with a comprehensive sleep study? This examination can improve your life by allowing us to find out what’s happening while you’re sleeping so you can get a better night’s rest. 

Our team at Northwest Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine wants to make sure you’re getting the best sleep possible. That’s why we offer comprehensive sleep studies in our comfortable Algonquin, Illinois, facility, helping us provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to get quality sleep each night.

The importance of sleep

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in three American adults doesn’t get enough sleep. This happens for hundreds of reasons, from illnesses that cause insomnia or sleep troubles to stress to a lack of understanding about the importance of and necessity for good sleep.

Generally, people should get at least seven hours a night as adults, but even if you’re making sure your head is on the pillow for this amount of time, are you really sleeping for the whole of it? And is the sleep good, quality sleep?

There are many reasons you might not be getting the amount and quality of sleep necessary to function happily and healthily. One possibility is that you have an undiagnosed sleep problem that could be impeding your rest.

How a sleep study could help you 

We conduct sleep studies at our state-of-the-art sleep study facility or, in some circumstances, at your home. We do everything we can to ensure you can get rest that mirrors the type you usually get so we can find out what’s causing your sleep problems.

For the study, you wear sensors during sleep that connect you to machines like an electroencephalogram or EEG, but don’t worry. It’s not as impossible to sleep with these sensors on as you may think. 

A sleep study can actually help diagnose an issue that you may not already be aware of. These can include: 

Generally, it takes a few weeks to get the results back from a sleep study, and at this point, you and and one of our sleep medicine specialists discuss which treatments can best benefit your ability to sleep well at night. 

Want to learn more about sleep studies? 

A sleep study can be just the thing to help you start a new year right. If you haven’t had the ability to sleep well up to this point, it’s time to learn why. Call 815-770-5980 or request an appointment online at your earliest convenience to discuss the option of a sleep study with our doctors.

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