Lung Cancer? There’s an App for That!

lung cancer

A new discovery has found a way to provide follow up treatment for lung cancer patients.  This new approach to follow-up care is actually improving quality of life and increasing longevity during the process.  This new web-based tool has a mobile application that doctors soon may be using with their patients. Yes, now there’s an app for your cancer follow-up care called Moovcare™.

The study was conducted using 133 lung cancer patients in stage three or four, who already had chemotherapy or radiation treatments and possibly surgery.  Patients were randomly assigned either to the web-based follow-up application or to standard follow-up.  Standard follow-up usually consists of periodic doctor visits along with computed tomography (CT) scans every few months.

The web-based follow-up patients still had the same doctor visits but would self-asses their symptoms weekly. The application would analyze the symptoms for specific changes, which would prompt an email to be sent to the oncologist who could then confirm the need for a change in treatment.

Some key findings from this study were:

Read more about the study in the ASCO Post.

Cancer is so prevalent in our world today.  Most people have been touched in one way or another by cancer – either personally, a family member, a co-worker, a neighbor, or good friend.  Dealing with cancer for yourself or with a loved one can be a long scary road with lots of unknowns and questions.  Treatments can be long and slow going, and the importance of continued follow up is literally lifesaving, or at least life prolonging.  Anything that can improve follow-up care and possibly lead to better outcomes is definitely welcome.

For more information on lung cancer, please take a look at our patient education library.  Also, check out the services we offer for pulmonary care.  Our doctors are trained and experienced in pulmonary medicine and can help you receive expert care for lung cancer.

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