Deep Sleep and Sleep Monitors – What’s The Connection?

sleep test

Living an active and healthy lifestyle is important to our mind, body and spirit. It is certainly true that good health and fitness makes us feel good. It can help us to stay stronger as we age, alleviate aches and pains, and improve our mood.

What, then, about the inactive part of our day? Sleep is a very important component of our daily health routine. Not just any kind of sleep – deep, rejuvenating sleep. Just like fitness monitors, there are sleep monitors and apps that can help us to understand our sleep patterns better.

What does a deep sleep look like?

Most experts say that sleeping for 7 to 9 hours each night is a good goal to shoot for, but the kind of sleep that we get at night is also very important. There are five stages of sleep we go through during the night, with light sleep being the first. The fourth and fifth stages of sleep represent deep sleep, with the most important being stage five, which is REM, or rapid eye movement. It is during these two stages of deep sleep that your energy levels and mental stamina are restored. We are supposed to cycle through every stage of sleep several times during one night.

Sleep monitoring devices are designed to give us information on our sleep-wake cycles, such as how much REM sleep we get, and how many times we wake up during the night. They do this by monitoring your movements, breathing patterns, and heart rate. Some devices can even collect information about our sleep environment, like the temperature and sounds that may cause sleep disturbances. There are many styles of sleep monitors, such as digital apps for your smartphone, ones you can wear on the wrist, or bedside table units. Some also have additional functions, such as a clock, a light, or a music player.

Once your night has ended you can retrieve the information collected during your sleep, which is presented as a graph analysis similar to the one pictured. The valleys represent periods of deep sleep, and peaks represent lighter sleep. Although this information is not as accurate as a professional sleep study performed in a lab, it may give a better understanding of what kind of sleep you are having, and possibly identify problems or issues that could be causing sleep deprivation.

At Northwest Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine, our compassionate providers are dedicated to helping you understand the importance of a deep sleep, so you can live a better life. Many underlining issues could be preventing you from achieving the deep sleep your body requires. Asthma, allergies, snoring, and sleep apnea can cause sleep disturbances, and we can help you manage them. Our compassionate providers are trained and board certified, and will work with you as a team.

Call the lung specialists and sleep experts at Northwest Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine in South Barrington and Crystal Lake, Illinois. We can be reached at 8154777350 or you can request an appointment online. We look forward to helping you breathe well, sleep well, and live well.

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